Greetings everyone,

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to revamp all my websites, including this one. After a couple days of contemplation, I decided to use WordPress as the publishing platform powering the site. I’ve built client sites using it in the past, and figured it was robust enough for my own needs.

The only problem was that I wanted to make the look and feel of it unique, so that meant learning the templating system that WordPress uses. Easier said than done, but I muddled my way through it in two days. Of course it would have been easier to learn if the WordPress Codex was (more) organized. Needless to say, I haven’t mastered it yet, so expect some parts of the site to be “less than fully operational”, at least for the next couple weeks.

I created all the custom graphics for this site in six hours or so, and took another day to test everything on my test server before launching. So far, I’ve tested it on Firefox 2, IE 6, and and IE 7. I’m setting up a virtual test environment using Virtualbox so I can check it with other browsers and operating systems as I modify the template later on.

If you find any errors, or have any problems, please let me know.


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